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League Results

League results from the Central Midlands Division North


Home team


Away team

20-Aug-11Bentley Col0 - 0Thoresby CW
09-Oct-11Glapwell0 - 1Westella +Wil
27-Aug-11Westella +Wil0 - 1Thoresby CW
17-Aug-11Kinsley Boys0 - 1Dronfield Town
16-Aug-11Bentley Col0 - 1Thorne Colliery
27-Aug-11Dronfield Town0 - 2Bentley Col
29-Aug-11Bentley Col0 - 3Yorkshire Main
20-Aug-11Harworth CI0 - 3Clipstone W
17-Sep-11Ollerton Town0 - 4Westella +Wil
17-Sep-11Thorne Colliery0 - 7Clipstone W
17-Sep-11Thoresby CW1 - 0Dronfield Town
09-Oct-11Dronfield Town1 - 1Easington Utd
09-Oct-11Phoenix1 - 1Thoresby CW
17-Sep-11Easington Utd1 - 1Harworth CI
29-Aug-11Kinsley Boys1 - 1Easington Utd
27-Aug-11Glapwell1 - 1Easington Utd
09-Jun-11Glapwell1 - 1Thorne Colliery
09-Mar-11Hutton Cranswic1 - 1Thoresby CW
09-Mar-11Kiveton Park1 - 1Kinsley Boys
09-Mar-11Easington Utd1 - 1Clipstone W
09-Oct-11Kiveton Park1 - 2Harworth CI
17-Sep-11DFS Welbeck W1 - 2Bentley Col
29-Aug-11Hutton Cranswic1 - 2Westella +Wil
27-Aug-11Clipstone W1 - 2Yorkshire Main
09-Mar-11Yorkshire Main1 - 2Ollerton Town
09-Mar-11Dronfield Town1 - 2Parkhouse
29-Aug-11Parkhouse1 - 3Thoresby CW
27-Aug-11Thorne Colliery1 - 3Phoenix
22-Aug-11Harworth CI1 - 3Hutton Cranswic
13-Aug-11Glapwell1 - 4Thoresby CW
09-Mar-11Bentley Col2 - 0Phoenix
17-Sep-11FC2 - 1Kiveton Park
13-Aug-11Parkhouse2 - 1Kiveton Park
17-Sep-11Phoenix2 - 2Glapwell
17-Sep-11Yorkshire Main2 - 2Kinsley Boys
22-Aug-11Clipstone W2 - 2Kiveton Park
20-Aug-11Hutton Cranswic2 - 2Ollerton Town
09-Mar-11Thorne Colliery2 - 2FC
20-Aug-11Kiveton Park2 - 3Glapwell
09-Jun-11Ollerton Town2 - 3Dronfield Town
13-Aug-11Hutton Cranswic2 - 4Kinsley Boys
09-Oct-11Parkhouse3 - 0Yorkshire Main
20-Aug-11Easington Utd3 - 0DFS Welbeck W
09-Jun-11Kinsley Boys3 - 0FC
29-Aug-11Clipstone W3 - 1Ollerton Town
16-Aug-11Harworth CI3 - 1FC
09-Oct-11Clipstone W3 - 2Hutton Cranswic
29-Aug-11Harworth CI3 - 2Thorne Colliery
22-Aug-11Parkhouse3 - 2Glapwell
13-Aug-11Easington Utd3 - 2FC
09-Mar-11Harworth CI3 - 2Glapwell
13-Aug-11Thorne Colliery3 - 3Dronfield Town
09-Jun-11Harworth CI3 - 4Parkhouse
27-Aug-11Kiveton Park4 - 0Ollerton Town
24-Aug-11Kinsley Boys4 - 0Ollerton Town
20-Aug-11Dronfield Town4 - 0Phoenix
09-Jun-11Yorkshire Main4 - 0Hutton Cranswic
16-Aug-11Clipstone W4 - 2Parkhouse
13-Aug-11Westella +Wil4 - 3Ollerton Town
27-Aug-11Kinsley Boys4 - 4Harworth CI
29-Aug-11Glapwell5 - 0DFS Welbeck W
20-Aug-11Kinsley Boys5 - 0Parkhouse
13-Aug-11Bentley Col5 - 0DFS Welbeck W
09-Mar-11Westella +Wil5 - 0DFS Welbeck W
24-Aug-11Yorkshire Main5 - 1Westella +Wil
13-Aug-11Yorkshire Main5 - 1Harworth CI
13-Aug-11Clipstone W5 - 2Phoenix
16-Aug-11Westella +Wil6 - 0Easington Utd
29-Aug-11Kiveton Park6 - 1Phoenix
16-Aug-11Glapwell6 - 3Hutton Cranswic
29-Aug-11Dronfield Town7 - 0FC
27-Aug-11Parkhouse7 - 1DFS Welbeck W
20-Aug-11Westella +Wil8 - 0FC
20-Aug-11Yorkshire Main8 - 1Thorne Colliery

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