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Clapham Rovers 1-1 West Ldn Select

October 30, 2011 - The Sportsmans Senior Sunday League, Division Senior Am

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Average rating


1. Matt Di Giorgio 7 
2. John Clarke 7 
3. Rob Logan 7 
4. Mark Elliott 7 
5. Harry Bardon 7 
6. Tony Diaz 7Goal  
7. Steve Leece 7 
8. Jon Hall 7 
9. John Mumford 7 
10. Colin Senez 7 
11. Luke Warriner 8Player of the match  
12. James Purnell 7 
13. Phil Dunphy 7 
14.  - 
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Luke Warriner
Match report:

Sundays game almost rewarded us for the progress we have been making. A

very solid back four and the two holding central midfielders gave us a

good base to work from. With Bruno unavailable I moved into midfield

alongside Jon Hall, Mark Elliot and Harry Bardon combined to create what

looks like a promising centre back partnership. Rob Logan made his debut

at left back and John Clarke continued to impress at right back. Our

official formation of 4-4-1-1 implies two wingers with licence to push

on and join the central striker, this is all very well when you have

players with premiership levels of fitness but it is unrealistic to

expect our wingers to be up with every attack and back defending

imediately after. We are effectively playing with 3 strikers in a

4-2-1-3 formation. Bearing this in mind I have instructed Steve (or who

ever plays in the hole) to play a little deeper and tweak it into 4-3-3.

If we are going to commit to playing like this then we need to be

defensively disciplined in other positions - particularly the full

backs. I applaud people making forward runs but it is essential that you

put in an equal amount of effort to get back in position once the attack

breaks down - I don't want anybody from the back four or holding two

getting caught upfield ahead of the ball.

West London Select had some useful midfielders and kept the ball well

but we kept our shape and proved very difficult to break down. When we

won the ball our attacks were swifter and more direct - West London were

taking 4 or 5 passes to achieve the same progress we were making in one

or two. With the score 0-0 at half time in an even contest, we

recognised that the team that wanted it more would probably end up

victorious. We continued to battle at the start of the second half and

despite having less possession our attacks looked far more dangerous. We

had a couple of chances to take the lead before another fine run from

man-of-the-match Luke Warriner ended with a pin point cross to pick out

Tony Diaz, the header was more difficult than Tony made it look. At 1-0

up we were looking good for the win but with the last kick of the game

one of their substitutes equalized when his attempted cross found the

top corner - he was perhaps given a bit too much time on the ball. It

was heart breaking to concede so late but it doesn't detract from what

was a good performance, a number of players commented on how solid we

were. We look like a different team from the one that conceded 5 against

Shoots + Leaves.

With a squad of 14 this week we were more than able to cope with a

couple of injuries - Matt in goal had to go off after aggravating an

existing thumb problem while superbly saving the one good opportunity

that West London created in the first half. Rob also had to go off

because his new boots were too small and had chewed up his feet. James

deputised well in goal and Phil impressed at left back.

Goal summary:

76 min - Tony Diaz (8/10)
A well delivered cross from Luke Warriner was converted by Tony Diaz. A first-class finish with the head from close range.

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