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Rattray 4-5 Comrie

August 27, 2011 - League Cup

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Average rating


1. Raymond Stevenson 8 
2. Paul Gowrie 8 
3. John Maclean 8 
4. Graham Abernethy 9Player of the match  
5. Paul Beck 8 
6. Jamie Henry 8 
7. David Irvine 8 
8. Gavin Jack 8Goal Goal  
9. Peter Reilly 8Goal  
10. Pat Ward 8 
11. Campbell Dewar 8Goal  
12. Dean Edwards 8Goal  
13. Sean Vincent 8 
14. Darren Lightbody 8 
15.  - 
16.  - 

Goal summary:

15 min - Peter Reilly (7/10)
Peter Reilly fired home from 18 yards out with a well-finished right foot goal, following a through-ball from Jamie Henry.

30 min - Gavin Jack (7/10)
Converted from six yards out with the right foot, Gavin Jack finished off a great team goal. Jamie Henry claimed an assist.

45 min - Dean Edwards (7/10)
Converted from just inside the box with the left foot, Dean Edwards finished off a fine team goal. Peter Reilly claimed an assist.

60 min - Campbell Dewar (7/10)
A well-finished individual goal and a moment of inspiration! Good lead up play led to Campbell Dewar going on a solo run, and scoring a right footed goal from 18 yards out yards.

80 min - Gavin Jack (7/10)
A well delivered through-ball from Pat Ward was converted by Gavin Jack. A great finish with the right foot from 18 yards out.

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