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News item14 Mar 2011 - Team mates with Paul Young

Name: Paul Young

Date of birth: 19/07/1980

Previous clubs: Worthing United (3rd time lucky) Clymping Worthing Wanderers

Best Trainer: Aaron Meeham

Worst Trainer: Ian (Do as I say not as I do) Browne

Most Skillful: Dave Herbert

The Joker: Jan Miller

Fastest: Richie Moss

Most Intelligent: Dom when he picks me

Least Intelligent: Dom when he drops me

Worst Dress Sense: Mitch Hand just wear your tracksuit mate

Worst Taste in Music: Ian LP Browne

And...Who's the longest in the shower: Give him some imperial leather and its Sebo

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News item21 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Mitchell Hand

Name: Mitchell Hand

Date of birth: 24/10/92

Previous clubs: littlehampton, wick, chichester.

Best Trainer: joe shiel, shit at football, runs loads.

Worst Trainer: David Herbert

Most Skillful: Myself

The Joker: Jan

Fastest: Me/Bill

Most Intelligent: Gio

Least Intelligent: Browner.

Worst Dress Sense: Dom ( looks like a member of take that who's had a stroke)

Worst Taste in Music: all of you

And...Who's the longest in the shower: wouldnt know havent developed a penis yet.

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News item21 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Billy Rayner

Name: bilzer rayner

Date of Birth: 23-4-85

Previous clubs: Pagham, Selsey, Littlehampton, Clymping

Best trainer: Domo (always there)

Worst trainer: Biff (never there)

The joker: jan miller (cracks me up)

Fastest: Richie Moss (rapid)

Most intelligent: neil francis

Least intelligent: maybe me (off the football pitch that is!)

Worst dress sense: philo (sorry mate)

Worst taste in music: asa nippleson (coz i aint said him yet)

and...who's longest in the shower: sebbo .

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News item21 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Steve Phillips

Name: Steve Phillips

Date of birth: 21/06/89

Previous clubs: Wick, Selsey

Best Trainer: We have training?

Worst Trainer: Probably Browner, always gives 100% though

Most Skillful: Myself

The Joker: Miller

Fastest: Richy probably

Most Intelligent: Me and Stokes as we both go to university

Least Intelligent: Definitely Browner

Worst Dress Sense: Dom, definitely.

Worst Taste in Music: The team members stuck in an 90's Ibiza time warp

And...Who's the longest in the shower: Miller dominates

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News item21 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Asia Niggleson

Name: Asia Niggleson

Date of birth: 27/11/88

Previous clubs: Brighton, Wick, Storrington, East Preston, Worthing United.

Best Trainer: Gio and Joe (but he blows out after 20), Ian puts it in but hes like the fat kid no-one wants on their side.

Worst Trainer: Dave Herbert definitely, Stokesy trys stuff way above his ability, Mitch sulks and feigns injury when hes tackled.

Most Skilful: Meehan, Herbs and Mitch.

The Joker: Janus

Fastest: Mossy and Joe Shiel, Doms pretty rapid as well

Most Intelligent: Craig Peters, Gio and Dom

Least Intelligent: Dave Herbert, Joe Shiel, Dan Garrod definitely, youngy, sam corkhill and Biff

Worst Dress Sense: Steve Phillips without question - all Burton clobber from the discount rail.

Worst Taste in Music: Herbert i reckon (Grime)

And...Who's the longest in the shower: Meehan Girth, PB length. Not Steve although he rates himself very highly.

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News item21 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Dave Herbert

Name: David Herbert

Date of birth: 18/06/1992

Previous clubs: Worthing United through and through since the tender age of 5! had a spell at Whitehawk.. came to my senses though!

Best Trainer: Mitchell Hand... always in the gym

Worst Trainer: Joe Shiel... always thinking about playboy tattoos.

Most Skillful: Aaron Meehan

The Joker: Jan Miller

Fastest: Mitchell Hand... so quick its frightening

Most Intelligent: Gio

Least Intelligent: Joe Shiel.

Worst Dress Sense: Mitchell Hand! ive told him so many times he needs a new wardrobe but he keeps telling me the 90s fashion is definately coming back.

Worst Taste in Music: domo.

And...Who's the longest in the shower: steve phillips... doesnt know waht to do with it though

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News item21 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Neil Francis

Name: Neil Giovanni Francis

Date of birth: 15/09/80

Previous clubs: In order: Worthing Dynamoes/Brighton Hove Albion/Worthing FC/Worthing United/Shoreham/Worthing Wanderers/Goring Rangers/Clymping/Angmering

Best Trainer: Matt Paice when there - can't stop diving arround for hopeless causes

Worst Trainer: Biff this season based on him never being there!

Most Skillful: Billy/Mitch/Sam/Asa before shooting

The Joker: The gaffas + Jan

Fastest: Richy Moss - imagine how quick he would be without all that hair weighing him down!

Most Intelligent: Sebo has unknown intelect and Browna is a teacher so i guess you can't fake that. Also Dom signed me twice so that's pretty clever.

Least Intelligent: I have to say Joe after the car journey i took with him to Bexhill recently. Browna and Dave know what i mean :-)

Worst Dress Sense: Dave based on his deck shoes and wooly hat look

Worst Taste in Music: Seeing Stokesy said me, i imagine his tastes are the opposite to mine, so i have to say him

And...Who's the longest in the shower: Meehan uses all the shower gel up but Sebo takes ages

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News item20 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Dom Di Paola

Name: Dominic Di Paola

Date of birth: 11/01/1982

Previous clubs: Clymping, Rustington

Best Trainer: Me without a doubt, score loads and show why I should be playing ahead of most these players! Gio comes a close second

Worst Trainer: Stokesy – awful, looks like he has never played before and spends the whole sessions trying to nut meg people

Most Skillful: Dave Herbert has some good skill when he wants to turn it on but probably Asa – great when running at people

The Joker: Jan Miller, the funniest bloke in the world!

Fastest: Me or Billy! No I would have to say Richy Moss or Joe Shiel

Most Intelligent: Myself or Ian Browne, the rest are hopeless!

Least Intelligent: Everyone? For stupid comments Adam Barnard!

Worst Dress Sense: Ian Browne without a doubt – Primarks best customer!

Worst Taste in Music: Ian Browne again, lost in a time wharp somewhere back in the 70’s

And...Who's the longest in the shower: Definitely Meehan, although Sebo is physically the longest in the showers but he has to moisturise, apply fake tan, pose etc. so we let him off!

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News item20 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Dan Garrod

Best Trainer: Only been on a couple of occasions but GEO, looks like he puts alot into it. Reminds me of an older Ryan Giggs

Worst Trainer: Joe Stokes-He's ginger and a uni boy, he's been at both sessions but yeh ill go for joe just coz hes ginger

Most Skillful: Herberts got some skills but im guna go for me, got a new trick that ive learnt in my 9 week suspension, im preparing to use it in the warm up

The Joker: Some might say me and Barnard, but ill go for Mitch and Shiels, One Direction boys have got pretty decent banter

Fastest. ASIA? Like a young Keith Gillespie

Most Intelligent: ....................Billy Rayner seems pretty switched on so ill go for him

Least Intelligent: Barnard is close, but my vote goes for BIFF,solid player but not a clue whats going on, puts his head anywhere, nutter.

Worst Dress Sense: Tough one, dont wana insult anyone too much so ill go for Browner, fat clothes and normally pretty dull, maybe coz hes getting old?

Worst Taste in Music: Havent heard too much but ill go for Richy Moss, heard hes a bit of a JEDWard fan, cant get much worse than that

And...Who's the longest in the shower...HAHA.....Go for Steve Phillips

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News item20 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Joe Stokes

Name: Joe Stokes

Date of birth: June 20 1989

Previous clubs: Worthing United, Worthing Town (Sunday) Goring Rangers FC, Clymping FC (glory days), EP & Wick Youth

Best Trainer: Neil Giovanni Francis - a model pro, no messing about!

Worst Trainer: Myself - can't stand it, although Ian Browne is terrible.

Most Skillful: Paul Brown - tremendous touch. David Herbert - great on the ball.

The Joker: Jan Miller (off pitch) - hilarious in everything he says. Dom Di Paola (on pitch) - not a natural player...

Fastest: Asa Nicks - when he fancies it. Richy Moss - can't usually stop, once he gets going.

Most Intelligent: Dom Di Paola - but it was slim pickings.

Least Intelligent: Asa, Mitch, Joe Shiel, Tone etc

Worst Dress Sense: Ian Browne - should take this accolade down easily.

Worst Taste in Music: Neil Giovanni Francis - for such a great bloke, his music is bloody rubbish!

And...Who's the longest in the shower: Aaron Meehan/ Paul Brown

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News item20 Jan 2011 - Team mates with Ian Browne

Name: Ian Zidane Browne

Date of birth: 15/11/1928

Previous clubs: AC Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Ajax

Best Trainer: Depends, no one wants to win more than myself in the training games, but as far as all that running around bollocks, Biff Shelly, Sam Corkill and Aaron Meehan usually put in a proper shift when in comes to all that running about lark.

Worst Trainer: Without question, Dave Herbert. Most of the time I think he arrives at training after just hearing his dog has just "curled its toes".

Most Skilful: Not sure about that one as it appears none of them could control a fart let alone ball mastery (that’s what it's called in the trade)

The Joker: Jan Miller, mainly because he looks stoopid. Although Danielle James Garrod is mental... In the NHS secure padded cell sense of the word.

Fastest: Well reaction times. It’s myself. Running, that's a close one. Asia Niggleson is fast over 20/40 yards and Richie (wolfman) Moss is fast over 1/15yrds. Either way you’d want them on your relay team.

Most Intelligent: Gio wears specks and has grey hair, so on that basis I’ll go for Gio.

Least Intelligent: Hmmm, this is tough as I really don’t think if I melted down the brains of the whole 1st team squad to mould one brain, I doubt I would get one that is any better than 6 year old child’s brain, and I think there’s a lot 6 year old children out there that would be unhappy with that comparison. But to go for just one, I’ll say... Sam (sowee Sam).

Worst Dress Sense: Sebo. Anyone who wears, what can only be describe as gloves for your feet needs a mention in this category.

Worst Taste in Music: Dom, he listens to all sorts rubbish. Joe “weasley” Stokes and Steve (briefcase wan….r) Phillips as well, just because they're dirty students who need to have a wash and get a proper job rather than sponging off us tax payers...

And...Who's the longest in the shower: Gav or Meehan.

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News item8 Nov 2010 - Mavericks win Local Deby

Worthing United FC came out on top of Tuesday evenings thrilling local derby at home to Littlehampton, managed by former United boss, John Suter.
The game finished 4-3, with Biff Shelley netting the winner in injury time.

Full match report to follow.

Author: JS

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News item7 Sep 2010 - United drawn Away in FA Cup

This seasons FA Cup draw sees the Mavericks travel to face Division 1 side Selsey, with the victors facing an away trip to face Walton Casuals of the Ryman League. (Tie to be played 28th August)

In the FA Vase, we have been drawn at home to Lingfield. (Tie to be played 4th September)

Author: JS

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News item29 Aug 2010 - The FA Cup run is over

Worthing United were beaten 3-0 but certainly not outclassed by Ryman League side Walton Casuals. The scoreline flattered the hosts, who proved the more decisive in front of goal, and probably deserve to take themselves through to the next round.

Author: JS

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News item24 Aug 2010 - Mavericks see off Clymping in style!

Worthing United FC thrashed local rivals Clymping 7-1 in a match that the home side dominated from the start. Joe Shelley scored a hat-trick, and was joined on the score sheet by Gavin Jones (2), Ryan Hudson and Craig Peters.
The Mavericks result will have given food for thought to Neil Shipperley, ex-Crystal Palace striker, now manager of Saturdays FA Cup opponents Walton Casuals, who was an interested spectator at tonights game.

Author: JS

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News item18 Aug 2010 - United suffer first defeat

Worthing United lost last night at home to local rivals East Preston, 2-1.

Author: JS

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News item16 Aug 2010 - United set to face EP

Worthing United are set to welcome local rivals East Preston to Lyons Way on Tuesday evening, 7.45 KO.

EP, managed by former United boss Paul Curtis come into the game on the back of a 3-0 defeat by Lancing last Tuesday, followed on Saturday by a 4-1 defeat to Ringmer in the FA Cup.

Manager Dom DiPaola will be looking to continue the sides unbeaten run since his appointment, including 2 impressive victories in the last week against Littlehampton and Selsey.

Author: JS

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News item15 Aug 2010 - United Smash Selsey

Worthing United romped to a 4-1 victory over Selsey, thanks to goals from Richard Ghent, Joe Shelley and Billy Rayner (2).

The Mavericks played their Sussex County Division 1 counterparts off the park and swept them aside with ease to set up an away trip to Walton Casuals to be played on Saturday 28th August.

Author: JS

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News item15 Aug 2010 - George Dowell Fundraiser

A huge crowd attended todays succesful fundraising match in aid of George.
The large crowd enjoyed a thrilling 5-5 draw between Alan Herberts Worthing United Youth team, and the team of ex-pro's assembled by Ian Hart.
The all-stars team featured the likes of Charlie Oatway, Guy Butters, John Keeley, Darren Freeman, and Paul Rodgers, among others.

George was in attendance and enjoyed a great day in which bucket collections raised a substantial amount of money for our young player.

The Club, on behalf of George and his family, would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who attended and donated so generously.

Further events are being planned.

Author: JS

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News item14 Aug 2010 - The road to Wembley begins...

Worthing United FC start their 2010 FA Cup campaign this afternoon with a trip to Division 1 Selsey.
The reward for the victor is an away trip to Walton Casuals.

Author: JS

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News item8 Aug 2010 - Worthing United announce new Sponsorship deal

Worthing United FC have sealed a sponsorship deal with Public Relations company Osprey PR.

Osprey PR is a full service business-to-business and corporate public relations consultancy that also features a specialist sports division.

Please see www.ospreypr.com for more details about the company.

Author: JS

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News item21 Jul 2010 - United 2-2 Ferring

The Mavericks started pre-season with a 2-2 draw at home to Ferring. It was a good run out for the lads who played 3 periods of 35 minutes, and as the gaffer would say, pre-season is all about fitness, results don't matter, but we remain unbeaten so far this season!

Author: JS

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News item19 Jul 2010 - Mavericks set to face Ferring

Worthing United are hosting our near neighbours Ferring tomorrow (Tuesday) evening in our opening pre-season fixture.
Our visitors have just been accepted into County League Division 3, one league below us, and are sure to provide a tough test as our pre-season schedule gets into full flow.
Kick off is at 7.45, and the bar will be open!

Author: JS

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News item16 Jul 2010 - August Fixtures Updated

All of our Fixtures for August are now available to view, but are subject to change.

Author: JS

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News item8 May 2010 - George Dowell Fundraiser

A game has been organised to raise money for George Dowell.

In April 2010 George was a passenger in a car involved in a road accident and suffered serous injury and was very sadly paralysed from the chest down.

George has played for Alan Herbert's very successful Worthing Utd Youth team for a number of years and was at the time of his accident playing for Worthing Utd U18's. Worthing Youth and making appearances for County League first and reserve sides. George was a fantastic footballer with a bright future, but most of all he is a an outstanding and very likable young man.

The game will be held on Sunday 15/8/10 at the Worthing Utd ground Lyons Farm and features the Worthing Utd U18's side from last year against a team of ex-pros, TBC once official.
The gates will be open from 11am for a 12 midday kick off.
When entering, a donation will be asked for as a ticket price, anything is welcome obviously the more generous the better but anything is brilliant.
Hopefully George will be there which would be fantastic.
Bar and tea hut will be open in the club house so drink and food will be available.

Other information will be added to a Face Book site set up (Worthing Utd U18's Vs BHA Ex-pros) as we find out more. e.g auctions, raffles ex-pros squad etc.

Author: JS

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News item8 Mar 2010 - The Mavericks Pre-Season Round-Up

Worthing United have finished their pre-season campaign unbeaten having faced 5 testing fixtures.

The first game was against Ferring, who are a strong Division 3 side, and it finished 2-2.
The second match of pre-season saw a 3-0 win over Division 1 side Eastbourne United.
The third game was drawn 1-1 at home to another Division 1 side, Arundel.
Our 4th game was a 4-1 win versus Ifield Edwards FC of Division 3.
Our 5th and final pre-season fixture saw a 3-3 draw at home to Ryman League side Eastbourne Town, with the Mavericks being 3-1 up before 2 goals in a short period of time saw the visitors fight back and leave the game level at the finish.

The team are now set for Saturday's opening Division 2 fixture at home to Seaford Town, 3pm KO.

Author: JS

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News item7 Feb 2010 - Ex-Mavericks Return!

Worthing United Football Club are delighted to announce the return of Dominic Di Paola and Ian Browne to the club as Manager and Assistant respectively. Also part of the coaching team are another 2 ex-United men, Adam Westwood and Jan Miller.

Pre-Season training is underway in preparation for forthcoming friendlies (see fixtures). Training will take place on Saturday 3rd July at 11am, and Monday 5th July at 7pm, both sessions taking place at Hill Barn, Hill Barn Lane, Worthing, BN14 9QF. Further dates will follow shortly...

Author: JS

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