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Lee McNaughton

Player profile of Lee McNaughton from Endmoor KGR

Age - 24

Position - Mid/Att (LRC)

Nickname - Macca

Notes -

Season stats 2009/10

Total Appearances12 appearances in total
League Appearances10 league appearances
Goals4 goals scored
Assists10 assists
Man of the matches1 player of the match awards
Average ratings Average rating of 0.00/10
Yellow cards0 yellow cards
Red cards0 red cards

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Player of the match awards won:

1.21/Apr/2010 vs Dent (H)

Goals scored:

1.29/Aug/2009 vs Wetheriggs Res (H)
2.14/Nov/2009 vs Greystoke (H)
3.21/Apr/2010 vs Dent (H)
4.21/Apr/2010 vs Dent (H)

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