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Player Statistics

Player Statistics from Galaxy FC Under 16s

Player Name

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1. Edd Barber-Def970217.8910
2. Brendan McNulty-Def971017.7800
3. Jake Gilbert-Att9712717.7800
4. Callum Dubber-GK970117.7800
5. George Simmonds-Mid974317.7810
6. Danny Clifford-Mid973817.6700
7. Floyd Musson-Mid973307.5610
8. Matt Sturmey-Mid869307.8800
9. Adam Thompson-Def863207.7500
10. Connor Eggleton-Mid861207.5000
11. Josh Turner-Def760017.5700
12. Mark Lawrence-Def530107.6000
13. Tobias Moggeridge-D/M540207.2000
14. Brad Davis-Def540107.0000
15. Joe Maynard-Att432017.5000
16. Ashley Rees-Def440107.2500
17. Maccaully Sherred-Def310118.0000
18. Zach Holden-Mid00000-00

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