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Player Statistics from Merton FC

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1. Nick Minty28Def330007.3300
2. Connor Wolstenholme19M/A330207.3300
3. Danny Everson20Mid332017.3300
4. Robert Gunn22M/A332417.3300
5. Dan Peters29GK330007.0000
6. Max Randall19Def330007.0000
7. Daniel Travis35Def330007.0000
8. Graeme Anderson-D/M220007.0000
9. Paul Walker-Att221007.0000
10. Toby Daley26Att222107.0000
11. Stewart Fisher-Att222007.0000
12. Jack Mudge17Def110007.0000
13. Alex Steedman38Mid111007.0000
14. Leon Sofroniou25Mid110007.0000
15. Alex Lewis28Def110007.0000
16. Matthew Naish32D/M110007.0000
17. Jordan Slatter18Def00000-00
18. Dave Howes26D/M00000-00
19. Andrew Welsh-D/M00000-00
20. Arthur McGory41Def00000-00
21. Ben Howes27Mid00000-00

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